Susukino is nationally renowned as an entertainment district

Strangely enough, however, you won’t find Susukino as an official name of a place no matter which Sapporo maps you search through. You may be able to find the name at subway stations and streetcar stops, but that’s it. It is a very mysterious place Even more than the number of businesses it holds, one unique characteristic of Susukino is that it spreads three-dimensionally in high-rise buildings. There are restaurants and nightlife entertainment shops in one building, and hotel and related facilities in the next. Susukino is crowded with all types of businesses you could think of. It is a city of dreams, like the Japanese version of the Arabian Nights. The night population of "Sleepless city, Susukino" is about 80,000. Another feature of Susukino is its well-maintained public peace. A group of young ladies can go drinking all night with a sense of security. It well represents the character of Susukino, an exceptional nightlife district.

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